Thursday, 20 April 2017

Kings XI Skipper Glenn Maxwell Hits Massive 6-6-4-4-6 In Mitchell McClenaghan’s Over

This season truly has many splendid moments, right from the beginning, the whole new level of grandeur and sportsmanship is already acknowledged. Few performances were expected and few others were completely unexpected.

Meanwhile, the match between the favourite teams like Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians has turned nerve gripping after Hashim Amla’s flawless shots and Glenn Maxwell’s aggressive play has laid its fair impact on the field. Click Here More Info

In the process of moving the bars onto the top, the Kings XI skipper Glenn Maxwell has surely done an amazing job. He astoundingly bagged off massive 26 runs within five balls, that too in Mitchell McClenaghan’s bowling. The score breakdown went 6-6-4-4-6 leaving the on-field players shocked.
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Post this splendid performance, Maxwell ended his presence limiting himself to 40 runs (4X4, 6X3) within 18 balls. Meanwhile, Amla has played a balance game bagging over 107 runs in 60 balls.

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