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Pawan Kalyan Katamarayudu Movie Review; Katamarayudu Rating: Gets 4 Out of 5 from Audience

Katamarayudu Movie Review: Well, it’s finally PK season once again. Katamarayudu is arriving hours early before the actual release date and this is an awesome news to fans. Katamarayudu is all set to hit the big screens worldwide on 24th of this month on the eve of Ugadi. Katamarayudu is a remake of Tamil film Veeram. Here is our review on Katamarayudu from UAE and USA Premier Show.

Katamarayudu is officla remake of

Main Roles: Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Siva Balaji, Ajay, Rao Ramesh, Ali
Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly)
Producer: Sharrath Marar
Music: Anup Rubens
Genre: Action Drama
Censor: ‘U/A’

Katamarayudu Movie Review & Story Plot:

Katamarayudu Movie Story:

Rayudu(Pawan Kalyan) is a leader who has single-handedly raised his four brothers (Ajay, Siva Balaji, Kamal Kamaraju and Chaitanya Krishna) and protected his village from terror. Busy in handling his responsibilities, he has never felt the necessity of women at his home and has raised his brothers with the same ideology. He uses violence to settle disputes. Pawan Kalyan sacrifices his entire life for the sake of his brothers. His four younger brothers planned to bring happiness to his life with a girl by knowing the difficulties and hard work that he faced to raise them.

Even after he enters into the late 30s, Rayudu is single. He hates women and he is afraid that if he gets married, the woman in his life may not treat his brothers well. He also insists his brothers stay away from women as they may spoil their brotherly relationship.

On the other hand, all his four brothers are in love and want to get married soon. To get clearance for their love tracks they planned to introduce Pawan Kalyan’s childhood girlfriend Avanthika. They decided to get his brother Katamarayudu fall for Avanthika(Shruthi Hassan).

Avanthika(Shruthi) and Katamarayudu(Pawan) finally fall for each other. But she gets to know about his violent practices. She breaks up with him. What forms rest is how Katamarayudu wins Avanthika. Avanthika and her family have a big problem. How Katamarayudu solves it is the crux of the story.

Katamarayudu Movie Review:

Katamarayudu is an Out and Out Commercial Entertainer. The storyline is simple but attractive. the director Dolly has tailor-made it for Pawan and mass audiences.  Pawan steals the show with his terrific performance.

Pawan Kalyan is portrayed as a beefed up, invincible superhuman, who annihilates the enemy with his brute strength. His punched dialogues, high octane action sequences in Every frame seems to worship the actor. smile, charm and dance moves are highlighted much to the delight of his fans.

Shruti Haasan looks gorgeous and gave award worthy performance. S Good Acting by all Supporting actors. Anup Rubens composes music for this film which has been trending for quite some time now on the social media, is one of the major assets of the movie. Visuals are topnotch and one of the major highlights of the film. Production values are good.

Katamarayudu Movie Plus & Minus:

Plus :

  1. Pawan’s Peformance
  2. Ram Lakshman Fights
  3. On Screen Romance
  4. Anup Rubens BGM
  5. Ali Humor

  1. Little Dragging 2nd Half
  2. Predictable Story
Katamarayudu Movie Rating: 4/5

Bottom line: Overall a great family entertainer hits Pawan Kalyan’s career which will raise the expectations for his next film. The performance of Pawan’s brothers in the movie was appreciable and Shruthi Hasan is as usual gorgeous.

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