Friday, 31 March 2017

New York To Get The World’s Longest U-Shaped Mega Tall Building

Recently two breathtaking pictures of a building that can be one of the longest in the world were released on the internet. Dubbed as “the big bend,” the inverted U-shaped building will be constructed in the middle of the ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in New York.

The Big Bend Will Be Mega Tall

 The architecture firm Oiio Studio came up with the conceptual design for the building claiming that it would be one of the “Megamall” skyscrapers in the world. The Big Bend will not be the tallest building like the Burj Khalifa, but rather it will be the longest says recent reports. The base of the Big Bend are said to be on each side of the Calvary Baptist Church. Thus, the Big Bend will soon become a proud neighbourhood of the supertall skyscrapers such as the One57, SHoP’s Skinny, and the Central Park Tower. However, the Big Bend will be obviously taller than these super tall structures expanding to a total length of 4,000 feet. According to the “Council of tall buildings and urban habitat,” the Big Bend will fall under the category of the world’s “megamalls” (height over 1968 feet).

Oiio Studios Prefers Bending Building instead Of Zoning Rules

In the latest post in the Oiio Studio’s website, the company has stated that the Zoning Rules of the New York City has caused several developers to come up with tricks to maximise the height of their property. The height of buildings has always been the matter of pride for property developers. However, The Oiio Studio decided to create a lengthy building instead of tall ones which will keep them away from bending the New York City zoning rules. However, for this, they had to find the right way to bend their structure, and thus they came up with the concept of “The Big Bend.”

Lift Loops In The Glass Skyscraper

The Oiio has also proudly stated that the Big Bend would be Manhattan’s one of the most prestigious buildings. It is notable that the Oiio studios have even proposed for lifts that can travel from one building to another like a loop in both vertical and horizontal directions. The Big Bend is expected to be a glass residential building.

Will the Tall Dream Become True?

 However, the idea of the Big Bend is still only in the conceptual stage. There are going to be a number of challenges from organisations like the Municipal Art Society and other community members who condemn the construction of supertall skyscrapers. Also, there is still the question of funding and finding the right developer, who could make this dream idea into a reality. There have been a variety of responses after the release of the Big Bend images. Hence, it is yet to be known if the people of New York are indeed interested in the Horseshoe glass building. Whatever be the case, it will definitely take a long time before the dream turns into reality.

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