Monday, 27 March 2017

CCD Lady Staff Slaps Consumer For Pointing Out Cockroaches In Their Fridge

Cafe Coffee Day – A LOT can happen over a cup of coffee.

Cafe Coffee Day or CCD is one place everyone is familiar with, right? As said, a lot can happen over coffee, and this recent incident has actually proved it. Well, if you are thinking that something romantic or a good incident has just taken place on a CCD outlet, then you are absolutely WRONG! Actually, something really happened which was totally unexpected and unbelievable.

In a Shocking Incident, a Customer was SLAPPED by a Cafe Coffee Day Employee after, he Pointed unhygienic conditions and cockroaches in the fridge.

Yes, a law student named Arpan Verma has noticed something that would shock you to the core. He spotted at least 10 cockroaches refrigerated counter of a CCD outlet in Jaipur. Without using any foul language or means of violence, he was simply taping the incident to bring the ignorance to notice.

While he was doing that, the service woman, who from the looks of it was shooting a video of this guy, walked over and SLAPPED him.

Yeah, we aren’t kidding. He has all this recorded on video. One Arpan’s friends Nikhil Anand Singh took to Twitter to share the video and complained to CCD.

Watch The Video Here:
As you can see, the man didn’t use any abusive word and was just capturing it all on his camera. The staff of the outlet was trying to hide cockroaches under menu cards but when he pointed at the bugs, this infuriated the female staff to such an extent that she instantly slapped the man.

Nikhil’s tweet was followed by a snapshot which points the fact that CCD is still using the same refrigerator to serve food despite this fiasco. 

A lot can actually happen over a cup of Coffee.

Nikhil has also claimed that there hasn’t been any response from CCD.
Instead of handling crisis, the coffee outlet was busy promoting new flavors on Twitter. Nikhil had the perfect response to this promotional tweet.

If what we see in the video is to be believed, then it definitely raises a big question mark. Who gave that service lady authority to slap an individual? And why has the coffee chain not responded yet?

What do you think about the whole incident? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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