Friday, 31 March 2017

5 Tech Products You Should Definitely Own In 2017

It’s 2017 and technology has come a long way since the invention of the telephone. There are products today that let you do tasks with the command of your voice.

Most people own smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. But what will set you apart are gadgets that make a statement, that show the true innovation in technology, which is growing at incredible speeds.

Here are 5 tech products that should be in your kitty in 2017.

1). Amazon Echo

The futuristic voice assistant from Amazon is here and it works as well as it looks good. You can do almost everything from setting reminders, playing songs, checking facts to even ordering things from Amazon!

2). Playstation 4 Pro

You are in 2017 and not taking advantage of the most advanced gaming/entertainment gadget of all time? Get the powerful PS4 Pro, which takes complete care of your kill streaks on Call Of Duty and even manages your Netflix and Chill schedule.

3). Nintendo Switch

One of the greatest inventions in the gaming industry, the Nintendo Switch, is brilliant in its approach towards making gaming convenient and portable, at the same time. Take your entire library with you and hook it up to any TV wirelessly.

4). AirPods

If you put aside the fact that these wireless earphones look pretty out of place, everything else about them screams of convenience. They are your iPhone’s perfect companion on the go. They sync perfectly and charge easily.

5). A Fitbit

Doesn’t matter whichever model you get, a Fitbit changes the way you look at fitness and health, in general. It tracks your steps, calories and heart rate. A Fitbit motivates you to drop that extra donut and get onto the treadmill for an extra mile.

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